Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
This is were I will be posting updates on my book which doesnt have a title yet also I will post reviews for other books

Friday, January 11, 2013

Outsider and Insider by Micalea Smeltzer

Everything is about to change

Everything is about to change for Sophie Beaumont. Sophie has moved her entire life; never staying in one place too long. She didn’t understand why… until now. Sophie is a shifter. A wolf shifter and she has a lot to learn. About being herself, being a wolf, and being what she needs to be to protect her pack. On top of that, her intense feelings for the pack’s Alpha, Caeden, threatens to ruin everything. Especially if the rival pack, the Grimm’s, find out that Sophie is not the human she claims to be.
This book was addicting, I was at the edge of my seat to see what happens next. While reading, I fell in love with Caedan. This book was AMAZING!! I give it a 5 out of 5

Insider- Outsider Series Book 2

Nothing will be the same for Sophie Beaumont. Now that she’s an Alpha she has to learn to be a leader. But unlike with Caeden, it doesn’t come naturally for her. Sophie doesn’t want to tell her friends how high to jump. She just wants to be normal.

Caeden and Sophie travel to Germany to meet with Sophie’s parents in the hopes of learning more about being mates and “why them?” But Sophie’s parents prove not to know much. Everything is just speculation. Then, the news of Peter Grimm’s murder sends the Williams’ pack into a tailspin. With Travis as Alpha what is he capable of?

I automactically feel in love with this book after I finished Outsider. It picks up right after Prom which happens at the end of Outsider. I read it in a day. This book desereves a 5 out of 5
The Third on is coming out Feb 2nd!!!!
First Sophie was an Outsider.
Then she became an Insider.
And now… She’s going to have to be a Fighter.

Nothing goes as planned for Sophie Beaumont. She believed that her mate, Caeden, killed Travis. But that was not the case. With Travis still out there she knows he’ll only come at her pack with more vengeance than ever before. But this time, she’s taking control. No more doing it Caeden’s way. This time Sophie’s going to do it her way and she won’t rest until Travis’ heart stops beating.

But first she has to walk down the aisle.  I will be doing a better review of this book once it comes out!!!!
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